Facts about Legalization of Marijuana Sales 0n 1January 2018

1  Effective immediately, adults 21+ can legally possess, transport, and grow marijuana for recreational use. Businesses can not sell recreational cannabis until licensed (probably mid 2018)

2  Every adult can possess one ounce of marijuana, 8 grams of marijuana concentrate and 6 plants, effective immediately.

3  Police can no longer use the smell of pot or the presence of cannabis products as a legal reason to detain or search you or your place.

4  Cost of recreational marijuana expected to be 50% higher than medical.

5  Most of the prop 64 document are about industry licensing and taxation procedures. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and Regulations. – “The whole process will take  some time, maybe more than expected”

6  Using marijuana in public is illegal, thought special smoking areas are being considered.

7 Local communities can still regulate marijuana locations and ban recreational cannabis transactions by ordinance and  through local zoning regulations.

8 Local communities cannot ban residents who want to grow up to 6 plants at their home, nor can they ban the use, possession and transportation of cannabis.

9 Recreational cannabis users can’t buy from a medical pot dispensary until they start recreational sales (later in 2018).

10 Recreational pot users can’t legally buy recreational marijuana in another state and import it into California, as this violates Federal law and interstate business.

11 Recreational users that smoke for depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress or another symptom can apply online to get a medical marijuana card. 

12 Sales of medical marijuana to patients with valid medical marijuana ID cards exempts them from paying any existing state sales and use tax. Having Medical Marijuana ID card will likely save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Patients will be able to buy better lab tested cannabis strains.

You still need your Medical Marijuana Card for the foreseeable future!